Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Using energy-saving LED lights is the best way for saving energy, it not only save energy, but also it has a long life, etc., so it is popularity! Here I have to introduce energy-saving LED lamp production process, I hope you can make to pay less electricity because of energy saving point.

Figure 1 is a practical LED light Cup circuit, the lamp uses 220V power supply, 220V AC by the C1 capacitor step-down buck by full-bridge rectifier and then filtered through C2 by the current limiting resistor R3 to the series of 38 LED provide constant current power supply. LED is rated at 20mA, but we make energy-saving lamps in the time to consider many factors impact on the LED, including the issue of bad light and heat, installation density is relatively high when we are doing this LED light Bulbs, not easy to shed heat, LED temperature decline and life to light a great impact, if the heat can easily lead to bad light bad, because the LEDs characteristics is the current temperature will increase, it is generally in do high-power lighting problems when heat is the most important, will affect the stability of the LED, low-power mode is generally taken from the heat, so the current in the circuit design should not be too large.

Schematic is to protect the resistors R1, R2 is the resistance of capacitor C1 of the unloading place, R3 is a current limiting resistor to prevent the voltage increases and temperature increases the LED current increases, C2 is the filter capacitor, the actual circuit in the LED can not filter circuit , C2 is used to prevent inrush current when the lights damage the LED, lights the moment because of the presence of C1 will be a big charge current, which flows through the LED will produce damage to the LED, with the C2. intervention, turn on the lights of the charging current is completely absorbed played lights C2 anti-shock protection.

If you are worried about your home without a corresponding holder to this light, you could go to, there are many lamp socket converters for you to choose.

The circuit is the most practical low-power lights Cup circuit, taking up small space can be easily installed in less light cup, LED cup products are now widely used. 

Advantages: constant current source, power consumption, small size, economical and practical, but it must need the more 400V polyester capacitor or CBB capacitor, the filter capacitor need more 250v voltage. This circuit is suitable for driving 20-40 only 20mA of LED.
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